Value Add Resource

Manufacturing and supply chain support

Globalisation of commerce, outsourcing and complex procurement supply chains to realise efficiencies presents challenges to effective control of quality for regulated organisations. With high value products in particular; additional product stewardship is required to avoid hazards in the customer supply chain. NewWayz consultants can assist you to manage these risks in a variety of ways:

Manufacturing strategy
  • Business continuity and product supply security planning

  • Due diligence to establish new capacity or supply

  • Process re-engineering for profitability or product improvement

  • Development and commercialisation planning

  • Tactical partnering and development of customer technical agreements

  • Transfer of technology and products

  • Waste and environmental management.

Supply chain support
  • Supplier and contract manufacturer assessment and management

  • Vendor qualification and assurance

  • Good warehousing and distribution practice

  • Storage and transport condition and product stability

  • Track-and-trace and anti-tamper/counterfeit technologies

  • Customer feedback and usage monitoring

  • Post market surveillance

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