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Operational excellence and product realisation

New Wayz staff understand how to deliver real and sustainable benefit to your operation which will see reduction in cost of goods without compromise on compliance. These solutions can be applied to existing or new projects:

Operational Excellence

NewWayz can assist existing operations to realise profitability improvement, reduced wastage or product improvement within the constraints of compliance requirements through application of the following:

  • Quantitative analysis and statistical process control tool

  • Design of experiments; process understanding and verification strategies

  • Lean compliance and operational systems development

  • Leveraging compliance for quality

  • Operational quality and waste reduction initiatives

  • Continuous improvement based on your process

  • Process understanding, data capture and review

  • Business continuity planning

  • Technical training and staff development

Product Realisation

The path to commercialisation of a new product or service in the regulated sectors can be onerous and often resources are limited. It is essential to position a new product at the right level for the market and customer. This process requires market knowledge and experience with development and technical transfer.

NewWayz has experience across the product/service life cycle and is able to assist clients to determine priorities and navigate this period in the most effective and efficient manner – our expertise includes:

  • Feasibility studies, due diligence and project scope planning

  • Product and design development strategy

  • Development and commercialisation project management and tracking

  • Tactical partnering and development of customer technical agreements

  • Technical review, capacity and scenario planning

  • Technical Transfer

  • Sourcing, engagement and management of third party specialists and suppliers.

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