Our consultants provide valuable direction and insight, gained from years of experience working in and for regulated companies in New Zealand and internationally. We understand how to balance the needs of the business with its compliance demands – we don’t just talk risk; we understand and deliver pragmatic advice that will enable you to position your product/service to meet regulatory, market and customer expectation without excess cost.

The key to a product or service offering meeting the market is something we call “packaging”; the features and systems around your core product or service that make the difference to your customer or market. We have a deep understanding of requirements in this area and more importantly how to deliver these.

NewWayz can use this knowledge to assist your organisation to postion itself for entry to a new market; develop and commercialise a new product/service or to take a step change improvement in an existing operation’s quality or operational performance. We bring a balanced view to compliance and regulatory affairs, and help manage your IP to gain maximum value for money.

Our business advice and deliverables meet the highest technical standards and will enable you to operate and compete successfully in your market sector. We guarantee to deliver appropriate and cost effective results.

We have previously worked with clients in the following sectors:

Human and Animal Medicinal Products

  • Sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals

  • Medical devices

  • Veterinary products

  • Active ingredients and intermediates

  • Complementary and alternative medicines

Biotechnology and Natural Products

  • Biologics and bioactive materials

  • Agricultural compounds and chemicals

  • Animal products, feeds and by-products

  • Diagnostics, reagents and kits

  • Aquaculture

  • Seeds, herbs and natural ingredients

  • Chemicals, cleaning agents and disinfectants

  • Waste disposal and recovery

Healthcare and Medical Technology

  • Medical supply chain and distributions

  • Pharmacy and compounding

  • Healthcare facilities and utility services

  • Software and medical technologies

  • Medication safety and traceability

Nutritional Food Products and Ingredients

  • Dietary Supplements and functional foods

  • Medical foods and prescription nutrition

  • Infant formula and powdered milk products

  • Consumer Products and Cosmetics

  • Sports nutrition and drinks

  • Ingredients and excipients

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